Presentation and History

Lips France Laboratory is born for a single will:

Creating high-class e-liquids combining the know-how and the excellence for unique and unrivalled aromas.

Our liquids are designed, manufactured and packed in our laboratory nearby the city of Nantes, in Western France, they all comply with the European legislation, .

Our focus on high quality raw materials is driven by one and only criterion: extracting the highest purity of finished product. Our e-liquids are “made in France” AFNOR* certified.

From day one we aimed to reach a high end final product, all our strategic choices (raw materials, human ressources, production facility equipment…) were driven by this goal, giving our customers the best e-liquid references available in the Vape market.

Association Française de NORmalisation



Le French Liquide
Sensation Range


Apothecary’s Secret Range


Very Original Versions


The Indispensables Range
Up to 60 iFillGood Range


Salt E-Vapor


Guys and Bull
Koddo Pavinno

Exploration & continuous creation

Research and development

We work with the nose of Maison Synopsis Paris, Cédric Merino-Riocher, our Expert Flavor, who also collaborates with other famous international and French perfume brands.

Our Expert Flavor and his team develop original and alternative flavours in-house to satisfy the beginners as well as the experienced vapers. The whole team is fully involved in reaching the “Gustatory Grail”.

Our independent laboratory is fitted with the most sophisticated equipment. Our team’s high degree of qualifications gives us great control over the whole process. This is the essence of our creations.

Our team is essen(c)ial to us. This alchemy allows us the exploration and the continuous creation of new aromas and new flavours.

« The evolution goes on with our own range of pod mod systems. »

Our Commitment and our Quality Approach

Excellence is the result of rigor.” (and vice versa)

Our choice of raw materials

All the raw materials in our e-liquids come from selected and certified suppliers from France and Western Europe. They all have analysis certificates which guarantee their origins and characteristics.


The selected aromas are natural or artificial extracts of the highest purity.

Vegetal Propylene Glycol and Vegetal Glycerine

We use EP* grade Vegetal Propylene Glycol and EP* grade Vegetal Glycerine. Our raw materials are GMO free guaranteed.

* European Pharmacopeia (EP)


We use first quality EP* grade nicotine from a Swiss laboratory.

Nicotine Salt

We produce our own nicotine salt in order to meet our requirement level. Our brand: Salt E-Vapor

« As part of the creation of our e-liquids, we have taken the side of not using products made from neither petrochemical nor carbochemistry industry, but only using vegetal raw materials of pharmacopoeia quality. »


All our e-liquids are produced in our laboratory nearby the city of Nantes in France

Production Tracking

Our productions are integrally managed and tracked by a tailor-made IT management system, which controls each and every step and ensures us all our formulations are in line with our requirements.

We register all products that come in our laboratory and keep track of the manufacturing process, as well as the shipment of the goods.

The production of our e-liquids is systematically supervised by 2 plant managers and 2 Chemistry PhDs. We ensure the most strict and documented protocols, to maintain a reliable quality control and the perfect repeatability of our productions.

For all our production batches, we edit a “production record”. Every production is tracked under a batch number and a QR code.

Formulation and process

This commitment to fit the analysis, manufacture and packing processes is part of the specification applied to every formulation.

In terms of equipment and hygiene, we follow the most strict standards.

The liquids are made with the help of specific industrial blenders for a perfect homogeneity.

We reference and archive our production records as well as a sample bottle with its analysis report for 3 years.

Traceability and disclosure

All of our bottles have a batch number and a QR Code, thanks to which we are able to provide our customers with a traceability and a total disclosure of our products.

When scanning the QR Code, our customers can directly access our archives and check out the production record of their liquid.

Check out all our declarations of batches on our website in real time.


Our products analyses and compliance are realised by the “LaboStark” independent laboratory.
Thus, we have a double quality control:


All our liquids are packed in France


The liquid filling is realised automatic or semi-automatically by our collaborators on the production lines. Theses lines are equipped with peristaltic or volumetrics CE certified pumps for pharmaceutical use.

We are equipped with state of the art machinery that allows us to supply our customers with the 100% French know-how.

We have several automatic and semi-automatic packing lines that are able to manage different bottles sizes and pre-filled cartridges (Pods).

Our equipment: cartoner, peristaltic pumps, analytical balance, blistering machine, automatic blenders, etc.

In accordance with the current legislation, our equipment complies with the most stringent safety standards.

Our flexible anti-UV bottles made of polyethylene have a low density. They are recyclable and have a noozle with a precise dropper which makes liquid refilling easy for all types of atomizers.

Caps and bottles

Caps and bottles comply with the ISO 8317 standard, they are equipped with an inviolability ring and are childproof locked.

Standardised labels

Our labels contain all legal notices about our products and follow the labeling and packaging regulation (CLP*) as well as the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

It includes: complete composition of e-liquid, mandatory warnings, tactile triangle for blind and visually impaired people.

In order to give a total disclosure to our clients, we add a QR Code that gives access to our online batch declarations, material safety data sheets and a Best Before Date information.

We can also adapt our labels to other European countries requirements.

*Classification Labelling Packaging

Application of the regulations and the legislation


Our packaging is made in France and complies with all the European standards and regulations.

We comply with the labelling and packaging guide in accordance with Regulation (EC) n° 1272/2008 and strictly follow the fast changing requests concerning the labeling and the packaging, defined in the CLP rules.

The excellence of our products

Our e-liquids are “Origine France Garantie” AFNOR certified

AFNOR Cert. 81913


Our e-liquids are “Origine France Garantie” AFNOR certified

Created in 2010, the “Origine France Garantie” certification is the only certification that guarantees the French origin of a product. It ensures the traceability of the product with a clear and objective provenance indication.

In addition, it certifies that the product complies with the essential “made in France” specifications.