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High-end quality e-liquids

Discover a wide range of e-liquids, available in several nicotine levels.

Back to basic, better.

Pod mod systems at the cutting edge of innovation with pre-filled cartridges

Our nicotine salt

Nicotine salt e-liquids and boosters for an exceptional flavour rendering and a perfect hit.

Do It Yourself – SuperVape Base

Concentrates aromas, fresheners, sweeteners, Nicotine booster, PG/VG Nicotine base.


Explore far away lands flavours.

You have a vape shop opening project?

With more than 150 e-liquid references from classic flavors up to the most complex liquids, Laboratoire Lips France is a renowned manufacturer of e-liquids with a sales team always at your disposal and at your side.

Via our five brands, our different ranges cover all the needs of every type of vapers.
Classics, Premiums, DIY, Nicotine Salt, pod mod systems…

Laboratoire Lips France

  • State of the art quality approach
  • Raw materials of high quality
  • 100% vegetal origin EP labeled Propylene Glycol
  • EP quality vegetal Glycerine
  • One of the purest EP Nicotine on the market

A sales team at your disposal

  • Discovery and degustation of all our references and products
  • Highlighting of the news
  • Advice and expertise
  • Products training
  • Entertainment of your sales outlet

Custom-made accompaniment

  • Samples on demand
  • Highlighting of the news
  • POS material (displays, goodies…)
  • Referencing of your shop on our website
  • Lips Partner loyalty program

Organise, stock, promote!

Lips created LIPS BOX to help you arrange your e-cigarette shop.

This showcase counter with LED backlight allows you to optimise your storage space and promote your 10 ml e-liquids.

Functional, compact and attractive, this black and white modern display is adapted to all types of shops.

Get plenty of stylish POS material!

In Lips France, we like two things: exceptional flavours and snappy design. Lips is not only renowned for the quality of its products, but also famous for its atypical artistic direction.
So we developped plenty of goodies and displays just for you.

Customer Service

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information on our products and prices:

Laboratoire Lips France
4 rue des Savoir-Faire – 44450 Saint-Julien-de-Concelles – France
Telephone : +33 (0)2 40 28 71 67

French manufacture

Our liquids are produced and packed nearby the city of Nantes in Western France

Quality of aromas
and ingredients

High quality ingredients, EP Nicotine, vegetal origin Propylene Glycol

of all our products

Each bottle comes with its own QR code for a reliable traceability

All our suppliers
are certified

We only work with top quality suppliers based in France or in Europe

Immediate Stock

Optimized availability of your stock to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.

Short delivery time
of your goods

Our forwarder carries out daily pick-ups for France and Europe

AFNOR Cert. 81913

Afnor Certification

Our e-liquids are “Origine France Garantie” AFNOR certified

All our e-liquids are “Origine France Garantie” AFNOR* certified (*the French Standardization Association).

Created in 2010, the “Origine France Garantie” certification is the only certification that guarantees the French origin of a product. It ensures the traceability of the product with a clear and objective provenance indication.

In addition, it certifies that the product complies with the essential “made in France” specifications.