Do it yourself
Base E-Liquide PG/VG SuperVape


SuperVape is the reference of DIY e-liquid in France.

Our DIY (Do It Yourself) range, made in our laboratory, is composed of high quality raw materials. The SuperVape range is available in different nicotine levels and sizes.

Combined with different aromas, SuperVape gives you an exceptional gustatory result.

Do It Yourself.

Mini Easy2Mix

Everything to make your e-liquids by yourself!

The mini DIY: everything to make your base yourself! Available in 50/50 and 20/80, and also in different nicotine levels: 4 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml, 10 mg/ml and 12 mg/ml.

It’s quick, easy and economical… it’s Easy2Mix!

Fully enjoy the Easy2Mix experience with SuperVape aromas.


Everything to make your e-liquids yourself!

They are available in 50/50, 3mg/ml and 6mg/ml. You just need to pour Nicomax into the base without nicotine to get a 200 ml liquid at the chosen nicotine level.

This pack is what you need to make your own liquid in big quantities at the nicotine level that you want.

The concentrate aromas

Our aromas are created by our Master Perfumer, produced and packed in our laboratory in France.

We develop our own aromas like masterpiece perfumes, that’s why we call on our Master Perfumer for all SuperVape creations.
These natural or alimentary concentrates are made in France and guaranteed free of diacetyl, paraben and ambroxide.

The bases

A neutral, unsweetened DIY e-liquid base for your DIY e-liquids recipes. To make your e-liquid, this base perfectly preserves the aromas in your mix for a vape that will suit your taste.

The additives

SuperVape offers 10 ml solutions to boost your juices. Nicomax, Stevia So Sweet and Cyber Fresh 2.0 will delight the most demanding and refined palates.

50/50 base – 120 ml
50/50 base – 250 ml
100 VG base – 250 ml


Thanks to this small cap you can quickly refill your shortfills, making your life easier. Discover all our Premium liquids in Up to 60 ml range now!