French manufacturer of hydroalcoholic gels and surface disinfectant

Notre marque, notre solution

Exigiène : A French brand

French manufacturer of solutions, hydroalcoholic gels and surface disinfectants, our brand, demanding, from the Lips France Laboratory was created with the desire to approach the new global paradigm with more serenity and in complete safety.

Gel hydroalcoolique normé EN 14476 fabriqué en France

Hydroalcoholic solutions and gels

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The hydroalcoholic solutions and gels for disinfection use comply with the most strict regulations (EN 14476).

Spray désinfectant de surface fabriqué en France

Sprays désinfectants multi-surfaces

The Exigiène disinfection solution for multi-surfaces offers you a full protection from viruses, bacteria and fungus.

They are the ideal choice for deep disinfection at home or at workplace.