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Discover a range of hygiene and disinfection products that are referential and transparent. Our trustworthy products are created with the desire to approach the new global paradigm with more serenity, in a safe way.

Our hydroalcoholic solutions and gels and surface disinfectant products are developed, fabricated and packed in France. They ensure a viruicdal and bactericidal efficiency which is essential to our daily life, and help protecting yourself with the protective measures.

e-liquides certifiés AFNOR. cert. 81913
AFNOR Cert. 81913

AFNOR Certificate and European standards

“Origine France Garantie” certificated hydroalcoholic gels and solutions.

The certificate was created on 2010. It ensures the customers that the essential characteristics of our hydroalcoholic gels and solutions come from France.

They are also meet European standards EN and the tests and analyse results which certificate the virucidal (EN 14476+A2), bactericidal and fungicidal efficiency of the product formulations.
Biocidal certification (Certibiocide)

The qualified personnel who handles the biocidal products have all the skills and certifications to exploit the product characteristics and prevent the risks with Certibiocide, a certificate delivered by an approved training organization.

Association Française de NORmalisation (AFNOR) | Our hydroalcoholic gel

Hydroalcoholic solutions and gels

Discover our sanitizer products

The hydroalcoholic solutions and gels for disinfection use comply with the most strict regulations (EN 14476).

Disinfection sprays for multi-surfaces

The Exigiène disinfection solution for multi-surfaces offers you a full protection from viruses, bacteria and fungus.

They are the ideal choice for deep disinfection at home or at workplace.

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Fabrication Française, Origine France Garantie
Fabrication Française
Origine France Garantie

Nos produits sont fabriqués et conditionnés près de Nantes en Loire-Atlantique

Qualité des arômes et ingrédients de nos e-liquides
des matières premières

Ingrédients de qualité :
Éthanol, glycérine, épaississant

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