Traceability of our e-liquids

Production tracking

Our productions are fully tracked through our customized production software. You can know the batch manufacturing information through our QRCode. The level of information is very accurate. You can also access all our statements batches online on our site and time real.

European directive TPD : "TPD Ready"

Our product are TPD compliant, including notification, not only in France but in numerous countries like Belgium, Germany, ... Contact us to know the list of products available in your countries.

L'étiquette présentée ici est conforme à la directive TPD en France. Nous disposons également d'autres formats d'étiquettes conforme à la directive TPD d'autres pays européens (Belgique, Allemagne, ...).

A standard label

Our label contains all the important information concerning our products. The full composition of the liquid, mandatory warnings, a "QRCode" that provides access to our batch file online, a lot number and a deadline for optimal use.

This label is compliant to european directive TPD in France, but we also have numerous label formats compliant to other european countries for TPD

Le French Liquide Label
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