Presentation: standards and certificates

Our e-liquid design laboratory is based a few miles from Nantes.
Compliance with French and international standards.
Excellence by the requirement: Anxious to offer our French and international clients of e-liquids the highest quality, we comply with the highest standards in terms of equipment and hygiene. Laboratoire Lips France technical teams use the same procedures as the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of our e-liquids (analysis of raw materials, mixing, setting the bottle, packaging and traceability).
These European and American standards allow us to establish a genuine quality assurance.

Below are the standards followed by Laboratoire Lips France:

  • Facilities with European standards CE
  • Standards ISO 9001, BPF ISO 22716, GMP (Good Manufacturing Process)
  • AEMSA (American E-liquid Manufactuting Standards Association) directives
  • We are currently working on the new french AFNOR e-liquid standards (XP D90-300-2) which will certainly be uased as a base for worldwide standards

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