Laboratoire Lips France is a French manufacturer and wholesaler of e-liquid, including the e-liquid brand "Le French Liquide", located in Loire Atlantique.

Our creator perfumer and his flavor team internally developed original and alternative flavors to satisfy beginners vapers as well as the more experienced ones.

More than an e-liquids brand, "Le French Liquide" takes you on a graphic universe, original and unique tastes. Excellence by the requirement: Anxious to offer our French and international clients of e-liquids the highest quality, we comply with the highest standards in terms of equipment and hygiene.

Laboratoire Lips France technical teams used the same procedures as in the pharmaceutical industry in manufacturing its e-liquids (analysis of raw materials, mixing, setting the bottle, packaging and traceability).

All our products already complied to the european standard CLP (CE N°1272/2008) which will take place in may 2015 and we are currently working on the recent AFNOR standards.

A unique tracking system in the world: our bottles have a lot number, and a QR Code ensuring full traceability. By scanning this QR code our customers have direct access to the production profile for their e-liquid.

Le French Liquide is today nearly 40 different e-liquid flavors. We also have the ability to custom e-liquid in which you can choose your percentage of PG / VG. Indeed the most discerning vapers choose a rate greater than 30% Glycerin, which is our standard. More VG rate, the higher the vapor will be thick. Depending on the bottom and flavorings used, the flavor will be more or less intense: in general, the intensity of the flavor slightly decreases with increasing VG rates.

Our laboratory also accompanies you in your project to create a white brand: creating customized flavors, graphic design, in the operational and logistical implementation.

Le French Liquide : The french way of vaping!

At the origin of our laboratory, a single idea: Creating an innovative e-liquid brand that offers quality products both in terms of composition and taste. That is why our laboratory is positioned as e-liquid manufacturer. We made the choice to work only on making e-liquid refills because this is what makes all the interest and importance of electronic cigarette.

There are many opportunities today to make e-liquid. Our laboratory selects its suppliers preferably in France and in Europe for the quality of their products. We store all products that fall within our laboratory, manufacturing processes and product shipments. With our production management, we have a comprehensive view of our products and full traceability. As an independent e-liquid manufacturer, we retain complete control over the composition of our products.

Our e-liquids are made in France in our laboratory which is located in the Loire Atlantique near Nantes.

Our manufacturing process

For our production, we have created a software that is fully adapted to our business.

Each raw material is received by the production manager that records in our production software batch number associated with it, verifies the delivery of information and archive its documents together with the safety data sheet and product analysis bulletin .

Our compositions are saved as "recipe" in our software. For the preparation of a mixture, we use this recipe as a reference. Quantities are automatically calculated by volume and mass. We thus avoid any errors in dosage.

For the manufacture of our e-liquid bases, we publish a "production sheet". This sheet shows for each component the title and the lot number to be used. The mixing is carried out using "magnetic mixers" which ensures perfect homogeneity thereof. Each production is checked upstream and downstream by two different people.

We archive all our production records and a bottle each of our productions for analysis and reference, and for a period of 3 years.

With our system, we can make available our production line on our website: Our production serials

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