Tasty Sensation E-liquids

This collection brings pleasure not only to your palate but also to your nose. Inhale... enjoy!

Moka e-liquid

Moka E-liquid
A subtle and light arabica raised by a cocoa note. A fine mixture of bitterness and sweetness.

Cola e-liquid

Cola E-liquid
Sweet and tart at the same time, the flavor also affirms its tangy sensation. Between soda and candy.

Caramel & butter e-liquid

Caramel & Butter E-liquid
This flavor reminds these delicious fudge of our childhood. Sugar and butter, this is the recipe for happiness!

Roasted hazelnut e-liquid

Roasted Hazelnut E-liquid
The scent of roasted hazelnut statement by his side, it's even better. And roasted, nutty flavor is enhanced.
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