Origin Sensation E-liquids

Made from natural plant extracts and carefully selected flavors, this collection will please not only smokers converted to the vaping art, but also the most demanding palates.

Vador Jador e-liquid

Vador Jador E-liquid
An original tobacco taste. A design based on "classic blend" which our perfumer jealously guards the formula. And he will not talk, even under torture…

Light brown e-liquid

Light brown E-liquid
Like the brown tobacco, this unique flavor exudes a nice personality. An intoxicating and subtle perfume scans your nose and your palate with each puff.

Hazelnut blend e-liquid

Hazelnut Blend E-liquid
Base "classic blend" to which our perfumer has subtly added notes of roasted hazelnuts. An original idea for a result more convincing.

Cuban e-liquid

Cuban E-liquid
Cigar lovers will appreciate the intense and subtle taste. Consistency in the mouth emerges from the first puffs, followed by a very nice impression of roundness.

French blend e-liquid

French Blend E-liquid
Dry and aromatic tobacco e-liquid. Find in this tobacco e-liquid, aromatic taste, dry with a natural aroma of mild tobacco. Like the "classic blend", this blend tobacco flavor is suitable for vape newbies. We offer you with this "French Blend" tobacco variant "dry" ("Dry"). Tobacco e-liquid lovers will also appreciate the impeccable firmness in all situations of this blend tobacco.

Classic blend e-liquid

Classic Blend E-liquid
This e-liquid can be a good solution for smokers in transition beginning on vaping. A clever blend of flavors was necessary to make this perfectly balanced flavor.
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