Nature Sensation E-liquids

This collection explores the very delicate sweet and tangy fruit flavors. It also invites you to discover aromatic herbs.

Vine peach e-liquid

Vine Peach E-liquid
For this flavor, we selected a variety with yellow flesh, tastiest. The result is a true delight.

Red berries e-liquid

Red Berries E-liquid
Raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, black currant. 4 fruits for a perfect combination. This flavor is powerful and delicate.

Lemon e-liquid

Lemon E-liquid
The Argentine lemon releases a striking taste without being too acidic for a taste of good length. Fans will be delighted. Also a must have !

Wild strawberry e-liquid

Wild Strawberry E-liquid
It is not by chance that the aroma most sought among all the strawberries is the wild strawberry. Finesse and strong personality make our must have flavour a unique vape experience.

Red apple e-liquid

Red Apple E-liquid
Round, generous, e-liquid is the image of the Royal Gala, a very sweet apple, slightly acidic.

Green apple e-liquid

Green Apple E-liquid
Find the tip of characteristic acidity of this juicy fruit.
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