Fresh Sensation E-liquids

Thrill your taste buds with this collection that combines the power and intensity of mints to carefully selected natural flavours.

Miss Glagla E-liquid

Miss Glagla E-liquid
Even more intense than Iceberg mint, discover the latest sensation of fresh Le French Liquide: Miss Glagla. A hysterically frosty flavor that you will freeze on the spot. Warning it stings ... but it does not matter.

Iceberg mint e-liquid

Iceberg Mint E-liquid
It is extremely powerful version of the icemint. With a length multiplied by mouth, it's the thrill that awaits you!

Pepper mint e-liquid

Pepper Mint E-liquid
This mint spreads its full-bodied flavor with a peppery note. Both tonic and stimulant, she tickles your taste buds.

Morocco mint e-liquid

Morocco Mint E-liquid
The most popular mints reveals the richness of its flavors. An invitation to enjoy a tea delicately infused in the gardens of the Alhambra.

Chlorophyll mint e-liquid

Chlorophyll Mint E-liquid
This flavor preserves and amplifies the pleasant taste of chlorophyll mint. The more you vape, the more you appreciate it.
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