Create your vape brand

Develop your e-liquid brand with us

We can make customised e-liquids as you want

Analyse, understand and anticipate your market expectations are the assets of our commercial and marketing team, who will help you in distributing our e-liquids.

We accompany you through your projects of customised aroma, of graphic creations in respect of the legislation in force by the country, the operational implementation and the logistic.

Create your brand

We keep you company through your whole creating project

Custom creation and personnalisation

All our benefits include:

– Customised e-liquid creation
– Advice for the formulation (choice on PG/VG percentage…)
– Respect in force for the legislation according to your country

We can follow you through your project of creating a white label.

Requirements and Procedure

The conception, the fabrication and the conditioning of your future e-liquid reference are operated under a protocole that is identical to our internal procedure.

Regulatory support

We can support you through your whole approaches of bringing your future references into compliance: MSDS, INRS* (National Institut of Research and Security) Declaration, Analyses and TPD Notifications.

Customised marketing

Analyse, comprehend and anticipate your market expectations

Graphic creation, operational implementation and logistic are the main performances that we master.
Our marketing and production department are at your disposal to personalise your labels and your packaging, according to the color of your brand or of your brand.
Our commercial and marketing team helps you in the diffusion and the distribution of your future e-liquids.

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Take contact with us, it will be a pleasure to advise you in the whole process of creating your brand.
From the conception to the elaboration of the specifications of your your project our R&D, commercial and marketing team are at your service.
Together let’s create your e-liquid brand.

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