A new way to vape


A new way to vape

KoddoPod, c’est tout ce que vous pouvez attendre d’un vaporisateur compact, discret et efficace.

La gamme KoddoPod reflète le savoir-faire français de la vape en hardware. Le Laboratoire Lips a intégré son expertise et son raffinement dans des dispositifs simple d’utilisation.

Grâce à un design tout en légèreté et une technologie incroyable, vous ne vaperez plus de la même façon.

Back to basics, better.

KoddoPod Nano was designed by and for vapers. Simple to use, it will delight beginners to the vape world and the experienced vapers who are in search of a more discrete device.

Its technical characteristics give an optimal and efficient nicotine intake. The integrated battery and the pod of 2 ml capacity allow you to vape all day long everyday.

Thanks to the large range of the flavor choices, the quality control and the warranty, the Made in France e-liquids in the pods make KoddoPod Nano an indispensable device.

2 ml pod filled with nicotine salt e-liquid

Optimal battery
350 mAh / 3,6 V

Direct charging
Possible to use during the process


A new way to vape

Thanks to its pre-filled cartridges, KoddoPod was designed to bring you a smooth and harmonious vapor in an easy way. It restores the exceptional flavors of high quality that were developed only by Laboratoire Lips France.

You can take it anywhere with you and vape under all circumstances.

KoddoPod has become a product reference since its launch and has already convinced beginners as much as experienced vapers.


Developed by Laboratoire Lips France, the technology Nicoplex© integrates:

– A specific e-liquid formulation.
– High purity USP/PE labeled nicotine in form of nicotine salt.
– A pod system (cartridge) with a heating porous ceramic for a harmonious vape.

All the flavor of your e-liquid is preserved, regardless of the level of the nicotine. It works the same on small capacity batteries.

Salt E-Vapor

We use our own nicotine salt brand in our Pods (pre-filled cartridges):

Our flavours

Our 12 flavours signed by Laboratoire Lips France: The Thing, Ice Mint, USA Classic, USA Strong, Red Fruits, Pineapple Mango, The Little Thing, Red Commander, Crazy Red, Dragon’s Breath, Green Storm, The Déclic, Tata Tatin.

Exceptional salt nicotine flavours in pre-filled pods (2ml)

Le Laboratoire LIPS France est un fabricant de solutions haut de gamme pour le marché de la vape. Depuis 2013, nous développons et confectionnons nos produits en France, au sein de notre laboratoire Nantais.

Nos différentes gammes couvrent l’ensemble des besoins de tous types de vapoteurs.
Classiques, Premiums, DIY, Sel de nicotine, Vaporisateurs…

4 rue des Savoir-Faire – 44450 Saint-Julien-de-Concelles – France
Téléphone : +33 (0)2 40 28 71 67

Koddo Pavinno

Compact, powerful and easy to use

Refillable pod 2 ml
Anti-projections central track
Anti-leak condensation chamber
Double opening for easy refill

Resistance MESH 1,3 ohm
An incomparable taste rendering
A smooth and harmonious vape experience
Works with all types of e-liquid*

Upper-class material
Automatic trigger
Premium finish
Battery capacity 720 mAh

*E-liquids with a Vegetable Glycerin (VG) level greater than or equal to 70% could damage the resistance of your pod. The usage is not advised.

A device that is connected to your desires

Dedicated iOS and Android application
Personnalisation of the power curve
Tracking and regulation of your consommation
Child Security

Available in 5 colours: