Laboratoire Lips France

The high-end of Vape

Perfumer for 20 years, Cédric has put his know-how at the service of Lips products.

Lips company is a manufacturer of high-end solutions for electronic cigarettes. Since 2013, the company develops and manufactures a wide range of e-liquids in its own laboratory in Nantes, France.

Lips France it’s also Lips e-liquid, KoddoPod, SuperVape, Salt E-Vapor and Guys and Bull.

Lips is committed to providing customers complex and upper class products through the use of French-made e-liquids and high end devices.

AFNOR Cert. 81913

Afnor Certification

Our e-liquids are certified “Origine France Garantie”

All our e-liquids are certified Origine France Garantie by the Afnor (the French Standardization Association).

Created in 2010, the certification Origine France Garantie is the only certification that attests the French origin of a product. It assures customers the traceability of the product with a clear and objective indication of provenance.

In addition, it certifies that the product takes the most part of its essential characteristics from France.

Our Brands

Lips E-Liquid

Discover our Ranges: Sensation, Premium and The Indispensables.

With pharmacopoeia quality ingredients and exclusively French aromas, the fabrication, the conditioning and the quality controls are highly accounted of.

Lips E-liquid
A whole new way to vape


Compact, elegant and efficient, you can take it anywhere with you and vape under all circumstances.

Thanks to its pre-filled cartridges, KoddoPod was designed to bring you a mild and harmonious vapor. It restores the exceptional flavors of high quality that were only developed in the Lips France Laboratory.

KoddoPod has become a product reference since its launch and has already convinced beginners as much as experienced vapers.

Reservoir of 2ml with nicotine salt

Optimal battery
350 mAh / 3,6 V

Direct charging. Possible to use during the process

Salt E-Vapor

Lips France was the first French producer to explore nicotine salt market through its Salt E-Vapor range.

With its e-liquid collection 50/50 in PG/VG, the Lips France Laboratory ensures a production of high quality and an incomparable taste.

Thanks to its quick and efficient nicotinic experience, this range is set to convince all vapers.

Our nicotine salt e-liquid.
Do It Yourself
E-Liquid Base PG/VG SuperVape.


SuperVape is the reference product for DIY e-liquids in France.

Developed in our laboratory, the DIY (Do It Yourself) range is composed of high-quality materials. The range is available in different levels of nicotine and sizes.

Combined with aroma concentrations, SuperVape gives you an exceptional taste rendering. Everything to make your e-liquid yourself!

DIY – Easy 2 Mix

Become a Lips France retailler

Integrate our selective distribution network

Are you a franchiser? You have an independent shop? You are a Pure Player? You have a vape shop opening project?

Via our four brands, our multiple ranges cover all the needs of every type of vaper.
Classics, Premiums, DIY, Nicotine Salt, e-cigarettes…

Become a e-liquid reseller

We offer you support and guidance in starting your shop

You need materials and equipment that are adapted to your shop and to your customers?

We know perfectly the world of Vape and we are available to support you through the supply of the display and promotion furniture.

Whether it is for the opening or the space rearrangement of your shop for selling electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, we are always at your side.

Create your e-liquid brand

Develop your e-liquid range with us

It is possible to make customized e-liquids that match your needs.

Analyse, understand and anticipate your market expectations are the assets of our commercial and marketing team, who will help you distributing our e-liquids.

We accompany you through your tailor-made aromas and graphic creations, strictly respecting the country legislation, We also offer you assistance through the operational and logistic implementation of your project.

Create your e-liquid brand

Lips France Laboratory guarantee

French Fabrication
Origine France Garantie

Our liquids are made and conditioned nearby the city of Nantes, in Western France.

The quality of aromas
and ingredients

High-quality ingredients: UPS Nicotine, vegetal origin Propylene Glycol.

Traceability of all
our e-liquid products

Each bottle come with its own QR code for a reliable traceability.

All our suppliers
are certified

We work only with suppliers of quality who are located in France or in Europe.

stock availability

Optimized availability of your stock to guarantee the customers’ satisfaction.

Short livery time of your merchandises

Our transporter carries out daily pick-ups for France or Europe.